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Boomer Jerritt


Boomer Jerritt has been a commercial and lifestyle/recreational photographer for over twenty five years and is proud to call the Comox Valley home. Boomer’s work can be seen throughout various Government tourism marketing campaigns for British Columbia and Vancouver Island and in publications and media houses throughout the photographic industry. Boomer is also a photo educator having taught at the college level for many years and led photo workshops from the Great Bear Rainforest to the far reaches of the Antarctic.

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Words by Keisha Everson
Article photo by Boomer Jerritt
Lower gallery photo by Andy Everson
134 years ago, the Canadian Government introduced legislation to ban the P'a_sa, or Potlach, in an attempt to disassemble the culture of Indigenous peoples in...



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Sid Williams Theatre

Words by Tara Murphy
Article photo by Boomer Jerritt
Lifting community spirits through the years.     It doesn’t feel like there are 500 seats inside the fairly boxy, grey, glass building...



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Get Outta Town: Village of Alert Bay

Words by Trish Weatherall
Photos by Boomer Jerritt
An experience in cultural, historical, and outdoor exploration, Alert Bay on Cormorant Island is a photographer’s delight. It takes you back in time with a...



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Get Outta Town: Quadra Island

Categories Get Outta Town, Volume 5
At once, this peaceful destination typifies “island life” while following a path of its own.     Quadra Island is the kind of place...

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