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Chris Istace

Ambassador, Cowichan

Adventurer based out of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, focused on creating content that inspires others to explore beyond the usual. As an avid hiker, mountaineer, and mountain biker, most of his content showcases the amazing places that the outdoors can provide an escape to. Working full-time on his website and freelance photography as well as writing is a fun-filled passion and not a job to him. When not developing content, he can be found working hard as a director for the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society, leading trips with the Alpine Club of Canada, or being a business leader in his home town of Chemainus.

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Words by Ryan Stuart
Opening Photo by Chris Istace
Article Photos by Juanita Wells
The Comox District Mountaineering Club is doing hard work on the ground, encouraging our community to enjoy and protect the great outdoors.   If...



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Get Outta Town: Chemainus

Words & Photos by Chris Istace
The sun rises from the east, cresting over the peaks of Salt Spring Island to bring light to the little village of Chemainus, nestled along the shores of the...



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Get outta town: Nanaimo

Words & Photos By Chris Istace
Appreciating the old and discovering the new.     In its infancy, much of the development of Vancouver Island was the result of...

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