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Dawn Copeman


I am a writer, photographer, historian and artist interested in all things Cumberland. Wandering the local forest trails daily I gather wild edibles to photograph and paint. Recently downsized from working in the Broadcast Industry, my day job involves volunteering as a researcher and conducting tours of Cumberland Chinatown, No.1 Japanese town and the old mine sites for the Cumberland Museum and Archives.

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At Journey's End

Words by Dawn Copeman
Article photo by Jenn Dykstra
The radiant compassion and wisdom of Amida Buddha and the grace and forbearance of the Japanese who once lived here.     It's 5:30 a.m.,...



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Hidden Treasures

Words By Dawn Copeman
Photos By Jenn Dykstra
Nikkei No Haka, Cumberland’s Japanese Cemetery.     As a tour guide for the Cumberland Museum, I am drawn to stories of people within...



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Memories of Chinatown

Words By Dawn Copeman
Intro Photo By Ed Brooks
Gallery Photos By Sara Kempner
Walking along the old Wellington Railway trail where alder, hard hack and osier dogwood create a bower of beautiful for wildlife, I smell the coal dust still...

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