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Heather & Keith Nicol

Photos / Words

Keith and Heather Nicol are freelance travel writers and photographers and are new comers to the Comox Valley. Prior to that they lived in Newfoundland and together they have produced over 800 and newspaper magazine articles for varied publications like the Globe and Mail, Explore, Ski Canada, Ski Trax, Skier and many other regional magazines. As well Keith has published 2 books – Best Hiking Trails in Western Newfoundland  and Images of Western Newfoundland.

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Peaceful Paddling

Words By Gary Ball
Photos Heather & Keith Nicol
The joy of kayaking in Baynes Sound.     The most profound way of connecting with myself and with the natural world is through kayaking....



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When Herring Spawn

Words & Photos By Heather & Keith Nicol
An ecological highlight of the Comox Valley winter arrives alongside these fascinating fish.     One of our most memorable experiences in the...

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