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Jennifer Armstrong


Jennifer is a documentarian at heart. A lover of stories. It is in creatively seeing the uniqueness of a couple’s wedding day, of a family’s relationships, that is the heart and fine art of her work. Capturing those moments as they unfold is her documentary style. She is living happily on Hornby Island in a cabin by the sea, with her husband Marc and their daughter Tess. When not behind the camera, Jennifer can be found teaching and practising yoga, mountain biking, and enjoying the island vibe

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Words by Dierdre Atkinson
Photo by Jennifer Armstrong
Now 38 years in, the team behind the Hornby Festival continues to do world-class their own way.     Standing in the golden hayfields...



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Words by Julie Sabey
Photo by Jennifer Armstrong
Each issue of this magazine is a journey of its own. It takes its first steps with simple ideas, drifts to making contacts and gains momentum with...

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