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John Gower


John Gower offers custom home design solutions that are beautiful and simple, modest in size and comfortable to live in. John Gower Design has responded to the 21st century challenges of climate change, resource depletion, and the end of cheap energy. The firm promotes the creation of future-friendly, small-footprint homes. The newest addition to their services is Green Shores, an environmentally friendly approach to waterfront development. The office has recently undertaken the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral workplace within a year, and has shared its progress online to encourage other small businesses to do the same. Driving his commitment to sustainable design, John maintains his focus on the deepest questions of sustainable culture, asking how we can achieve a harmonious place in nature through the acts of building and dwelling.

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Words by John Gower
Photos by Luke Phillips
Vancouver Island’s first Passive House Plus is healthful, comfortable, beautiful—and costs nothing to heat.     From the expansive windows...



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Making an Impact

Words & diagram by John Gower
Photo by Jenn Dykstra
Building blocks of sustainability     Picture a small boy sitting on a tall drafting stool, drawing rocket ships, submarines, and houses...

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