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Karley Bracey

Ambassador, Tofino

Karley’s fascination with taking pictures started at a young age. While traveling the world, she photographed people and places as a way to express herself creatively. She graduated from the North Island College Professional Photography Program. Here she developed her technical foundation and found a new love for this medium. When not working, Karley can be found snowboarding, surfing and adventuring on Vancouver Island and beyond…. (usually with camera in hand).

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Words by Meaghan Cursons
Photo by Karley Bracey
Folklore tells of female forms that dwell in the forest, personifying the power of this dark, natural world to frighten and...



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A pretty Little Saturday

Words by Dave Nowak
Photos by Karley Bracey
The twisting road to Tofino.     I am not sure if Kerouac had any idea when he was writing his iconic novel On the Road, that the idea of the...



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Passionate Brewing

Words By Kerry Hale
Photos By Karley Bracey
The story of cancer, community and a hospital mini fridge.     “As a family physician, death is a part of my every day at work. As a...

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