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Kody Kryzanowski


Born and raised in the Comox Valley and proud of it! I am very fortunate to have been brought up in such an amazing place, there is truly something for everyone. Since i was about 16 i have been carrying my camera around and trying to capture the beauty the Comox Valley present’s. Even on a stormy day there’s something to do! My favourite part about living in the Valley is the wide range of activities there are too do, only a ten minute drive to some incredible mountain biking trail’s or less than an hour drive to go ski the slopes up at Mt. Washington and on a hot summer day there is endless rivers , streams and lakes to cool down in!



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Words By Andrew Findlay
Photo By Kody Kryzanowski
There are many reasons to make fun of the French–their philandering presidents, that air of cultural superiority carried around like a Louis Vuitton hand...

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