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Laurel Meyer


Laurel is a visual artist who draws her inspiration from the sea and nature.  She creates custom one of a kind hand painted hats (which can be found at the CV Collective Store + Studio in Cumberland or ordered through her website) and enjoys photography, graphic & logo design, oil painting and illustration. When she isn’t creating something by the oceans edge she enjoys spending time with her husband fishing, surfing or exploring this beautiful island we call home with their two dogs.

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The Constant Gardeners

Words by Katrina Kadoski
Illustration by Laurel Meyer
A determined settler and a reflective musician find solace in a single piece of land, decades apart.     I grew up in a cheaply thrown...



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Loss of the Commons

Words by Andrew Findlay
Illustration by Laurel Meyer
Photo by Mike LeBlanc
Ghosts of Vancouver Island’s Past     You know the expression, "Never trust a man with a moustache?" Well the same goes for a wealthy...



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Local Tourism's Lure

Words by Laurel Sliskovic
Illustrations By Laurel Meyer
Island residents will deepen their social, environmental, and cultural connections by vacationing close to home.     Vancouver Island is...

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