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Laurel Sliskovic

Ambassador, Campbell River

With values rooted in genuine love and appreciation for learning and playing, Laurel’s free spirit, fierce determination, warm heart, and insatiably curious mind lead both her personal and professional growth. Laurel has spent her adult life immersed in leisure: she earned a degree in Tourism and Recreation Management and a graduate degree in Sustainable Leisure Management; she travelled, volunteered, and worked in a number of communities across this diverse and beautiful country; and she has spent some time exploring destinations around the world.  These days, Laurel applies her education and experience to The Sociable Scientists – an innovative leisure research company which focuses on creative, engaging projects and initiatives that contribute to enhancing quality of life for residents of Vancouver Island.

Laurel was the Guest Editor for CV Collective: Volume 8, Fall 2016

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Get Outta Town: Campbell River

Words by Laurel Sliskovic
Photo by James Headrick
More than simply the salmon capital of the world.     Do you love walking along the ocean while the tide ebbs and flows? Are you a fan of...



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Reflections From Within

Opening Introduction By Laurel Sliskovic
Photos By Alex Bowen
And Sareh Puetz
I love the way our mysterious and beautiful world works. At a time in my life when I am practicing being evermore present, I find myself learning how to be...



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Local Tourism's Lure

Words by Laurel Sliskovic
Illustrations By Laurel Meyer
Island residents will deepen their social, environmental, and cultural connections by vacationing close to home.     Vancouver Island is...

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