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Mary Ruth Harris


Mary Ruth Harris spent the first quarter of her life, assuming she lives to be 100, in the heart of southern Ontario’s agricultural mecca of Essex and Kent counties. Also, known as one of the most competitive media markets in all of North America – the seed of journalism had taken root. After a year exploring Europe, back on Canadian soil she landed in Victoria – a few days later informing her family she would be living on Vancouver Island the rest of her life. 24 years and counting, Mary Ruth embraces every opportunity to share stories of adventure, discovery and experience.



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Get outta town: Denman Island

Words by Mary Ruth Harris
Photos by Mike Van Santvoord
My journey to Denman begins on their new cable ferry, and while that part is surely different than the journey in 1791 of Spain’s Santa Saturnina, the...



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Abandon Land This Summer

Words & Photos By Mary Ruth Harris
Historical boat cruises at the Museum at Campbell River     The Museum at Campbell River is a pure gem with outstanding permanent gallery...



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Suspended Over Elk Falls

Words By Mary Ruth Harris
Photos By Ross Bodenmann
It is almost unfair to attempt to capture the extraordinary beauty of Elk Falls in photos or film. Neither come close to the actual experience. And it is an...

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