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Max Oudendag


As a ‘true local’ to the Comox Valley, Max is proud to contribute to the CVC, as it both supports and illustrates the current cultural explosion happening in the Valley. It is an exciting time.  His interests include mushroom biking, powder management and craft beer investigation.  He spends most of his time serving pints and chatting with guests at his Courtenay restaurant, The White Whale, but looks forward to the next opportunity to write an article for the mighty CVC!

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Japow: Magic on the slopes of Japan

Words & Photos by Max Oudendag
If you're a true powder junkie, you're always on the hunt for the deepest, softest and fluffiest snow. I live my life on this search, counting down the days...



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Vancouver Island Museum Of Nature

Words By Max Oudendag
Photo by Marek Zaleski
Trucking around the forest with filmmaker Marek Zaleski.     “I don't film what I see, I film what I feel” explains Marek Zaleski, as...



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As The Disc Spins

Words By Max Oudendag
Photos By Nick Hutton-Jay
A renegade disc golf course spurs a community to create a forest playground.     This story has the feel of a fairy tale. For some...



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The New Brewmox Valley

Categories Volume 1
When I moved up to the Comox Valley from Victoria over 10 years ago, I noticed a huge lack of what I call ‘good’ beer. I had spent the last few years in...

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