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Maxwel Hohn


Maxwel is an adventurer, photographer, and filmmaker who lives in the Comox Valley, with a passion for showcasing British Columbia’s stunning natural diversity. He grew up on the Sunshine Coast before travelling around the world evolving his skills as a photographer. Honduras, Vietnam, Norway, Greece, The Bahamas, and Tanzania all helped sharpen his skills to become one of Canada’s leading nature photographers. He has contributed video to the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, various BC tourism organizations, won ‘Best In Show’ at the 2018 Monterey Shootout, is a published photographer and writer, and has a prominent social media following.

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Words by Annabelle Sproule
Photo by Maxwel Hohn
Small but mighty western toads have places to go, and we need to help them get there.     I remember well the pitter-patter of tiny toad feet on...

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