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Shawn Peters


Dr. Shawn Peters, ND, is a naturopathic doctor, board certified in acupuncture.  He has a keen interest in helping those with mood and mental health challenges, skin conditions, and men’s health concerns.  He believes in engaging people in their own health, while listening to their concerns as an individual.  He knows that support, patience, and empowerment are crucial to helping people feel better. He has a history working in the health-food industry and as a nutritionist before becoming a licensed naturopathic doctor. He strongly believes in education and teaches at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. His personal and professional life are strongly rooted in nature. He is passionate about philosophy, DIY projects, cooking, and herbalism.

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Words by Shawn Peters
Photo by Sara Kempner
The Comox Valley isn’t just a pretty place—it can heal what ails you.     It is no secret that the Comox Valley offers us a unique...

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