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Tom Keenoy


Tom is a transplant to the Comox Valley by way of Brooklyn, New York. He owns Medium Rare Interactive in Courtenay. He is or has been a designer, programmer, entrepreneur, educator, father, husband, hobby farmer, gaming nerd, proficient stage-diver (retired), house-renovator, and occasional sailor, not necessarily in that order.

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Creating Fun & Games: Jason Kapalka

Interview by Tom Keenoy
Photos by Ross Bodenmann
There’s a new sign up at the Harbour Centre building in Comox that maybe doesn’t quite fit with the other businesses near the water. I caught up with Jason...



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Igniting a Spark: Learning at the Fine Arts eCademy

Words by Tom Keenoy
Photos by Laura Mann
When I moved to the Comox Valley as a new-ish parent, thinking about things like good schools felt far off. Since then, I’ve spoken with lots of parents who...

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