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Trish Weatherall


Trish wears a number of hats to earn a living on rural Denman Island. She balances contract work as a freelance writer, copyeditor, photographer, ad designer, and communications specialist, with outdoor work like gardening and clam digging. She loves to learn and write about local artists, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Walking the forest trails and beaches with her black Labrador is her daily meditation.



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Words & Photo by Trish Weatherall
Award-winning potter Gordon Hutchens may be in his seventies, but he’s still got plenty of clay to shape, students to teach, and ideas to...



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Get Outta Town: Village of Alert Bay

Words by Trish Weatherall
Photos by Boomer Jerritt
An experience in cultural, historical, and outdoor exploration, Alert Bay on Cormorant Island is a photographer’s delight. It takes you back in time with a...

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