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Wendy Turner


Wendy is a Healing Touch Practitioner who practises out of the SpiritFirst Wellness Centre in Comox. She is holistic in her treatment approach as she emphasizes healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual domains. She also believes in working with an individual’s “healing team” whether this means consulting with counsellors, specialists, family doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, or other members of an individual’s health care network. Wendy offers treatments with co-practitioner Terry Folks at SpiritFirst Counselling and Healing Touch. Their work as part of women’s integrated health care is now recognized in the Comox Valley.

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The Sweet Spots

Words by Terry Folks
& Wendy Turner
Photo by Jenn Dykstra
Using Shinrin-Yoku and the beauty of our surroundings to heal during times of transition.     Shinrin-yoku, sometimes known as “forest...

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