The 50 hectare Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park is home to over 100 of Jeffrey Rubinoff’s sculptures in 9 series. Rubinoff perceives the purpose of the work is “to extend the ancient narrative of art and consequently rekindle the historical spirit of modernism. In addition to viewing the work, which includes the Sculpture Park itself, the goal is to revive the interdisciplinary creative impetus of early modernism and to attain the understanding of art as a serious and credible source of special insight for the evolution of ideas”. The ongoing forum for dialogue that starts with the insights evolved with and from Jeffrey Rubinoff’s work is intended for both artists and non-artists. It is for those seriously interested in the ongoing progressive contentions of modernity. The Sculpture Park maintains that modernism was a necessary outcome of modernity; that post-modernism has run its course, and that artists must regain their role at the center of this new reality.