Gallery: Sally Podmore

Painting with acrylic on canvas, I work from the meeting point of stillness and the dynamic nature of all that is alive. I aspire to express an experience of residing within the landscape; bring the viewer into a moment of peace and awareness with me.As a child, I spent hours scouring the ground for little treasures. Even gravel parking lots were a wonderland of interesting shapes and colours begging for collection. I have many memories of walks and hikes with shorts drooping, pockets full and heavy with rocks and shells.  This yearning to gather and collect pieces and memories from each place I visit has never left me.

I was born and raised in Vancouver and have lived in Victoria for 10 years.  In truth though, I feel I have roots all over the Province.  My work reflects my love and appreciation for the land and sea that I call home. These paintings are informed by time spent roaming the Kootenays, Rockies and the coasts of Vancouver Island.

Trained as a geographer, teacher and as a mostly self-taught artist, I am interested in how our relationship with the environment teaches, inspires, and shapes our existence.



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