Little Valley: Jackson Sawchuck

Age 8

I was born in 2009 in the late afternoon on cool winter day. My dad sat patiently waiting as I took my time coming out. It was cozy in there and I didn’t want to leave. When I decided to move my way into the world, there were a few mishaps along the way, but when I finally made it, everyone was so happy to see me. They took me home a few days later and my life began in the Comox Valley.

I was introduced to my brother Carter who was kind and loving and helped my mom take care of me. As I grew up I began to enjoy activities in nature. I loved to play with rocks and sticks, chase bunnies, climb trees, and build forts. My dad’s parents lived close to us so I played in their yard a lot. I still see them a lot, even though I’ve moved a bit farther away. I spend a lot of time outdoors with both sets of grandparents, enjoying all the fun things to do in this valley.

We love to have different adventures around the Island. We camp and have been to Little Bear Bay, Cougar Creek, Wokus Lake, Comox Lake, and Tofino. My favorite place is Tofino because it’s really cool and has beautiful beaches.

I also play a few different sports, one of my favourites being hockey. I really like hockey a lot, and soccer. I have met many great friends playing these sports and we have a lot of fun together.

I recently got a new bike! I love it! We have gone to the BMX track in Cumberland and have also tried the jump park in Cumberland. It is sooo fun. I love my bike and I’m so glad that Cumberland has these great places where we can play on bikes. Once I get better I will be exploring the fun forest trails in Cumberland!

We have a house on Forbidden Plateau that is off-the-grid and I think that’s very cool. When the sun is out we get lots of power. There are so many fun things to do at the house and one of my favourites is riding my 3-wheeler around the property. My dad has 40 acres so there is a lot of room to play! We spend time swimming at Nymph Falls and at Barber’s Hole. It’s fun jumping off the rocks into the water. My dad always brings masks so we can dive deep and check out the neat things below the surface. There are some spots at Nymph where you can go into a hole and come out into another. I love summer and I love living in this beautiful place. See you at Nymph Falls!