Volume 6: Connection

Cover Photo By Lorenz Jimenez
Editors Thoughts by Julie Sabey


As humans, we have the desire to be part of something meaningful and special.

When I was asked to be the guest editor of the CV Collective, I was flattered because I felt that they were striving not just to create a beautiful magazine (which it is), but a tactile way for the Valley to tell its stories and get to know each other.

Being the guest editor of the spring edition introduced me to new people, helped me learn more about my community and its attitudes, and be part of reflecting it.

As I worked hand in hand with the full CVC team, both getting and giving support, I got a sense that we’re all in this together, as community members and as contributors.

Thinking about future editions, it reminded me that I am connected to people who have interesting stories to tell and that I now have the ability to connect them with future editors. The best part is that you do too.

We are all in this together.

—Julie Sabey, Guest Editor



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